images                                                                                                 Today people have started supporting Homosexuality which earlier was a crime or you can say if any one was caught in such activities, their parents were  to feel ashamed in society but what we see today , people moved on the other platform of society instead to stop this they are with them and giving push to continue what they want in the name of self rights … As feminism arose to only empowering women which includes their rights but now they have crossed the limits ,like if a lady wants physical affair otherthan her husband after the marriage she  is continuing it without fear of her husband means if her husband points her that will be disrespect of the women why he has come to interfere in her personal life which we can say enhanced by this feminism which arose only for rights but situation has moved somewhere else  . And same situation has occurred in case of Homosexuality , few of parents are against of it but some are with it .. This all has been projected or pushed through in the name of rights but if they think that that is their right then I argue why earlier it was wrong and today has become right . what I believe in is that if I support something I must start it from my home that is somehow may be right to me only not for all and when someone doesn’t support personally but want everyone should it follow then this is something which making lives of millions rude or bad . if society allows everyone what they want to do , a day will come when there will be no society but crimes all around because as far as society is concerned it has some kind of rules and regulations which must be followed if it is to go well . Otherwise a rapist can also raise his voice that this is his right to rape someone as he enjoys raping and no one should interfere as it is his personal matter what I want let me do .Now to put my topic near conclusion , I want that society should grow but to a limited extent not to that extent where we are forgetting our values , respect and culture that is not identical with that of western .


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