The topic GOOD DAYS ARE TO COME which mean is understandable ,as it is simple , to all was on its peak before Modi took the chair of PM . Those days which I think no one can erase from his memory because wherever they saw there was only one image with the lines ” Good days are to come ” which ushered  people to the hopes . As Karl Marx has stated Society is owned or controlled by Capitalists and Bourgeois they dominate the Proliteriat or say to weakers of society through disseminating the false consciousness . Media is being a part of society at the same time is in the hands of the bourgeois and they using it by their own way to make hold or rule on society .

It leaves us in no doubt that Today’s media is paid media , as it is apparently working for the Richers or Leaders who misusing, so they can by creating false consciousness among the members of society , become the Dictator .

If someone is asked what has been there which u calling as false consciousness in the time of Election for the post of PM , the answer is hidden in the topic itself . We people are well aware of what has happened during the elections , the promises to the masses that if they got victory over this election , inflation will be lowered , prices of electricity and of eatables also be lowered under the shadow of ” Good days are to come ” and this slogan of hopes for poor and the people of country was viraled to every corner of society , which made people unwillingly to make rule on themselves , was only possible by this false consciousness created by the media and backed by the RSS headed by BJP leaders .

The time when this slogan was being viraled that “Good days  are to come ” no one had thought or raised the question that ” whose good days are to come whether for the Modi himeself or masses , or we can say , who will enjoy these days whether the Prime Minister or the people who have voted or chaired him for the post of PM ? “.  Till that time , people had opinion that these good days belong to them but they didn’t know it was a kind of betrayal with them done in the name of Good days . If these people had known what the matter is behind all this , hardly they would have voted him .

As today we all are  well aware of the current situation whats happening with those promises made during the elections to serve the country . Now days PM visiting country to country , signing deals , making pacts for Make in India . But why he is not visiting his own country where conditions are more worse rather than to visit outside . He thinks he will bring foreign investors to invest in India so the Indian economy can grow rapidly but at the same time he is by media  being highlighted that no other or former prime minister had signed such deals with foreign investors but Modi is . Are we forgetting that Our First Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who first encouraged the Western Education and Foreign policy  in India even though Media making false consciousness that no other PM other than Modi has encouraged foreign Policy .

Recently International Yoga Day was held and it led lots controversy in the name of religion ,means Muslims were also forced to participate this day but Indian Muslims were refusing to act on this . So my Question is , does it necessary to involve all community to do it or if they refuse , should they be forced to do it ? And Do you people think that if someone does Yoga once in a year on International Yoga Day , would it be useful or beneficial without doing it regularly or daily? . Off course , no because you can not gain from it unless you do it continuously and I don’t think that who participated on that day, would have done it next or say kept it continuously .

So to make that Yoga day happen Our PM spent a lot of  money to buy Carpets on which Yoga was to perform it costed Lakhs Rupee on buying Carpets , So whatelse comes in mind is that was all that much more necessary to be held only for one day which costed in Lakhs?

The issue of Suicided Farmers also was in the news that period  that they committed suicides due to unproductive crops which had a burden on them, as they were to pay for the debt but because of poor raining they could not make good production which led them to commit suicides and they left their families here with debt . Then where was Modi that time if he wanted he could have paid the debts from the money which he spent on Yoga day but he didn’t do so ? So what you people are of the view that what was necessary that time whether to be held the Yoga day or to the debts be paid which led farmers to commit suicide ?

And now after modi got the PM post his disciples have come in power , suppressing minorities , imposing their rules to follow by everyone .  They just have banned beef  in many of the states including Maharashtra , Mumbai and others . During the festival of Jain community they  made ban on beef in Mumbai but when there was Eid Festival they refused to stay on  ban for two days petitioned by two of the advocates before the HC .

These are the incidents taking place after the Modi took the Chair but before elections he assured that there would be no discrimination on the basis of caste, race and religion . The BJP members Or RSS they all as I earlier said have come in power and suppressing the minorities . Therefore , We were dreamed that we would be met with Good days but the scenario is too peculiar of that what promises were made by Modi before he become the PM . Instead serving people or making their dreams true he himself fulfilling his dreams . He kept us under the hopes of Good Days which he will never let them come for us except for himself .


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