Beef Reservation

Today’s topic is not unfamiliar as we all know recently beef ban was in news. it sparked intolerance when Mohd Akhlaq was dragged to death in suspicion that he had beef in his home later it was proved the meat was of goat after the meat testified in forensic lab rather than beef.

Before this incident happened beef was banned in Mumbai also following the Jain festival and when two advocates petitioned before HC to stay on beef ban for two days as the time for EID was near rejected. The Modi bhakt was shouting that beef must be banned anyhow as the Cow considered their Mother in Hinduism and they no more want Cow Slaughtering in India .

Following this incident beef along with all factories was banned . But on 6th of Feb 2016 Harayana CM gave controversial statement that he will make arrangement of beef for the foreign engineers who are working for India as beef is the nutritive food for them and people should not be disappointed on his decision because we can not stop people from what they eat and drink as that is their eating habit .

But when Mohd Akhlaq was lynched by mob in suspicion of eating beef where he was that time he did not say that people should not be deprived of their eating habits . Instead he and all who were Modi bhakt were busy in saving their Gau Mata . Now they allowing the Cow Slaughtering only for some people who working for India as engineers and have lost love for their mother .

Its a great shame on u people who are behind this . You people never had any love for your mother rather it was a political drama which was played only against Muslims. You people always have been using your mother only for Economic purpose since the past.